Hugh Laurie is now on Twitter Thursday, Nov 28 2013 

I’ m going to be very careful here…. He takes offense easily. He can be critical. He can be annoying….But the humor is there if you look hard enough. Razor sharp wit (watch out you can be cut). Very discriminating taste in followers, and occasional daffiness (as in duck). Somewhat random stream of consciousness and some I don’t get… I’m not British. So if you are brave and like talking to yourself follow @hughlaurie on Twitter. Forgive me Mr. Laurie.

RPG’s on Twitter Tuesday, Aug 28 2012 

I  guess the highly practical among us, think a role playing group on Twitter is a waste of time  But if you are a frustrated actor/creative type, it’s an outlet and there is an audience. It’s a way to make friends, you really don’t know but sort of do know. That can be comforting especially in times of stress. It also is just plain fun. Yes, I still make lampwork beads but I also need to have fun now and then. 

To see beads and jewelry

To follow the House MD rpg follow @Greg_House_MD on Twitter – I’m his mother @catldy99

Twitter Monday, Sep 5 2011 

Like anything in life, Twitter is the home of things good, even wonderful, and the opposite. Just heard of a suicide of a regular which is saddening. But I have been helped a great deal by the same social media. Friends are there all over the world. It helps to vent, and to play nicely with others all over the world. It helps just to be heard in real time. I’ve had my mood catapulted to happiness, just talking to my special friends. Thanks Twitter friends for listening and your generosity… Sometimes I think the less savory aspects are emphasized by the media… wanted to even the score.

prayers for Japan Tuesday, Mar 29 2011 

Twitter is an amazing thing. Today I woke up to talking to a teen in Japan who was worried – as he should be – about conditions. Let’s all take a moment and say a silent little prayer for these people…