The Emperor Tuesday, Aug 20 2013 

A very fine and moving film. Tommy Lee Jones does a great MacArthur. I strongly believe that Hirohito did NOT order war. That is my opinion, I could be wrong. AND we should all remember that the Japanese people did not have much to say about what the military powers that be did. Yet, they (the Japanese people) paid dearly for the militarist’s actions and decisions. I personally admire Japanese culture, especially in the arts.

Hope Springs Thursday, Dec 6 2012 

Really good work by all involved. Meryl is great but dare I say maybe Tommy Lee Jones upstaged her. His portrayal of an older coot who is just hanging in… not really living and loving -is pretty hard to beat. Steve Carell is perfect as the therapist. Very funny in spite of itself… i.e. its played not for laughs and is quite funny. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Rent it!

The Company Men Sunday, Jun 12 2011 

A good rental recently released… Quite a cast! Tommy Lee Jones, Ben Affleck, Chris Cooper, Maria Bello…. it goes on and on. This is about being put adrift in this economy without a lifeboat… Many can identify.