The Song of Names Friday, Aug 28 2020 

Tim Roth and Clive Owen as well as some child actors tell this story of the Holocaust. Some very accomplished violin playing. It’s a story of searching for a lost dear friend over many miles. It’s also a story of losing the faith that God is with us regardless – even if we doubt. The above named song is haunting and gut wrenching.

Luce Sunday, Feb 1 2015 

I’ve always admired Naomi Watt’s work as well as Tim Roth’s. They play loving supportive parents to an immigrant boy they have adopted who is now in high school. One of his teachers played by Octavia Spencer sees some troubling tendencies in the boy. For some reason her suspicions of the boy are not taken seriously – one being her family problems. He is very intelligent and knows how to impress. But is he all that he seems? Adapted from a stage play. reviewed on Sunday August 23, 2020