Vigil Thursday, Sep 2 2021 

This is an English submarine series that is very absorbing. One of my favorite actresses – Suranne Jones, plays a policewoman detective who is sent on board to investigate a murder. The animosity between the Queen’s navy and the police doesn’t help matters. The pacing of this series is superb. Can’t wait to see the next installment!

Spotlight on – Suranne Jones Monday, Jul 27 2020 

The hubby and I are kind of hooked on British cop shows and have discovered this actress – Suranne Jones, as some pretty varied characters. She’s a detective in one, “Scott and Bailey” , a lesbian in “Gentleman Jack”, and a doctor/spurned wife in “Dr. Foster”. In all of these she is completely absorbed in the character and is quite different. I’m sure in the future , I will find yet new creations of determined female characters.