Inside Man Friday, Nov 4 2022 

Stanley Tucci is running this show on death row – he’s commanding in this role. He keeps his head when everyone else is losing theirs. His wife wasn’t so lucky. What could she have done to bring on her beheading? This Inside Man knows. There is a parallel story of the local vicar – his son, his wife, the tutor, a pedophile and a nosy reporter.The acting is quite good in this and toward the end it is good, old fasioned Halloween fare.

Easy A Friday, Jan 21 2011 

Well, I trust Stanley Tucci’s taste and I was right. The humor in this is really well written. The parental pair are quite on top of it. The precocious teen is very, very hip also. But actually a “good” girl. Things get out of hand and the rumor mill puts an “A” on her chest which she puts to use. Scarlet Letter “A”. A good cast for a nice little comedy. Not just for teens.

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