Thank yous and recommendations San Francisco Thursday, Feb 23 2012 

My stay at the Hotal Majestic was wonderful. I would recommend it. Prices were good with online booking. Below is pictured the gorgeous dining room. Rooms have 4 poster canopy beds, at least mine did. It is a well restored vintage hotel. 24 hr fitness met my exercise needs – I visited the store on Van Ness. Terrific smoothies for after exercise. Muni drivers were very helpful this trip, especially when I had a lot of bags. Visit La Boulange – several locations – for terrific french pastries, quiche and bread. I particularly liked the granola snack packet. Boudin Bakery is a must visit on the wharf. And the weather was terrific!

Why did I go to San Francisco? Tuesday, Feb 21 2012 

I’m a jewelry designer of sorts and a glass bead maker. I actually took some graphic design instruction ┬áin this very city a long time ago.The City has really changed since then. Maybe some of it has to do with my being a young person then. Anyway at any time then or now SF, is a feast for the eyes in its galleries and in its natural beauty. There are 2 sides to this city,the beautiful and the not so, the rich and the poor. I actually enjoy taking the muni and rubbing elbows with the real ethnic people of this most varied city. The people here are most helpful, no matter what race or color. I know the city- but not everything and didn’t always know if I was heading in the right direction. The design here from t shirts to advertising is stunning. I am a designer at heart and needed some inspiration. Today I visited the De Young museum. Wow!

trip to “the CITY” Friday, Feb 17 2012 

For awhile next week, I will be in San Francisco. Hubby will be working nearby. Much closer than home is at least. Of course they (newscasters on nightly news) mentioned in passing that there’s a little more seismic activity on the Pacific rim. All I need ….. well the chronicles of catldy will ensue on this trip with some pictures. Wish me a safe one. Taking Amtrak.