The Place Beyond the Pines Thursday, Aug 8 2013 

I could watch Ryan Gosling all night…. Such an intense, open actor. This is about fathers and sons and the sins of the fathers… A long but very well done film….. RENT… 


Drive Saturday, Feb 11 2012 

Ryan Gosling just gets better and better. The quintessential Scorpio character – note Scorpion on back of jacket…. A man of few words but a whole lot of action. The scene in the elevator was so well done I am almost speechless,,,, For adults. Albert Brooks is very very good in an unusual role. Underworld usually bothers me, but the acting was so good in this… and the direction.

Ides of March Sunday, Jan 22 2012 

This is a truly well done film. Bravo George Clooney for great direction. Bravo Ryan Gosling – best performance I have seen so far. THERE ARE NO HEROES…. moments of OMG I don’t believe it. Go and rent. Trust no one.