Penguin Bloom Saturday, Feb 27 2021 

I invariably like Naomi Watt’s work. This is a little gem of a film. And it is based on a true story. Through the love and concern of a bird (repaying the rescue of said bird when very young).a very depressed woman and her children learn to handle all the woe and drawbacks of being wheel- chair bound. And Sam was very active before her accident – an accomplished surfer. Then the mynah bird , Penguin, enters the scene and slowly but surely wins everyone’s hearts. A great film for the kids to watch with you.

The Crown Monday, Nov 16 2020 

Quality, quality, quality… I’m sure by now you know that this is special. The cast is superb and the stories never disappoint. It also surprises me how close the portrayals are to those who are living and deceased. Or at least they seem to be. Don’t miss it!

Blue Jasmine Monday, Feb 3 2014 

Not sure how I feel about Woody Allen, always gave him the benefit of the doubt about allegations. But regardless of all that, his artistic self is above reproach, I’m not saying his personal self is spotless. I really don’t know. Cate Blanchett is very compelling as the title character. I cared about her. I, in some ways. could identify with her, reconstructing a life. Be warned it is a sad movie, but real in the sense of life’s disappointments. Recommended for adults, actually not a lot of gratuitous sex. And there are bright moments of relief.

Prisoners Saturday, Jan 18 2014 

th A fine film. Very skillfully acted and directed. Both of the leads were outstanding. A different role for Hugh Jackman. Somewhat disturbing in subject matter and violence. In my mind not for kids. The question kind of was who’s torturing who?

Jobs Saturday, Dec 28 2013 

Ashton Kutcher does a great job of conveying a very difficult, but determined and brilliant leader. I have some Apple products and have always admired and happily used them. This is a well done film and is particularly interesting to my boomer generation. How the world has changed… in large part with all the work started in Mr. Job’s garage.

the Oranges Tuesday, May 14 2013 

Well, first of all, I admire Mr. Laurie’s acting ability very much. Unfortunately in this film his gifts are somewhat unused. Maybe its me, but I didn’t find the young lady’s charms that mesmerizing nor Mr. Laurie’s character’s attraction that convincing. It was portrayed as a dalliance that unfortunately upset a lot of people’s apple carts. The role of the daughter of the offending father was well done as well as Allison Janney’s role of too manipulative mother.  The girl who sinned was unapologetic and immature and hence to me unappealing. But then at that age…..we all are immature. Now Cuddy and House had real passion going for them. “Real” in the theatrical sense. Well, that’s my view, feel free to differ. 

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen Tuesday, Jul 31 2012 

An interesting story and a very well made film. Nice to see an Arab protagonist who is a very good man, who thinks creatively. Kristin Scott Thomas is bitchily good in this as is everyone else. Worth the rental. Also Emily Blunt is certainly coming into her own….


One for the Money Wednesday, Feb 1 2012 

I am a religious reader of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum books. Therefore I anxiously awaited this film. The men are very well cast, to my surprise. But the script was somewhat rewritten if my memory is correct…… Sherry Shepherd is absolutely perfect as Lula…. bravo!  Katherine Heigl’s Stephanie is good… but missing some of the humor and ditziness of the character and therein a lot of the humor lies… she is a little too smart. Debbie Reynolds is an interesting choice for Grandma Mazur (an absolutely hilarious character). She is missing some ditz too. The chicken bit was funny, but there were no trips to the funeral home for her main source of entertainment – the cookies and the friends who come for a viewing….. I’m sure that was in the first book. It was good but could have been funnier.  – Janet’s writing is over the top, this film didn’t go far enough.

Moneyball Sunday, Jan 29 2012 

I didn’t like Tree of Life but this film kept me interested. Brad Pitt is a good actor. The story (even to a very unenthusiastic baseball fan like me) was interesting. Philip Seymour Hoffman and the new supporting actor nominee were also quite fine in this effort. Somewhat educational for kids if they are old enough to get it. 



Larry Crowne and I don’t know how she does it Friday, Jan 6 2012 

2 good evenings of entertainment. Tom Hanks gives us all the perspective that life does not end after losing a job even if you didn’t go to college…. its never too late to go to school and learn a lot. An older student has some advantages in the world of hard knocks. You can make good contacts in school. A hopeful film.

Sarah Jessica Parker is quite good as the lady who does it all- motherhood, very demanding job and faithful (refreshing) wife. I say refreshing since many movies including Larry Crowne have some infidelity. It’s justified in some cases, but not every case. A positive look at modern women’s dilemmas.

Side note….. Just caught a glimpse of someone on TV I went to school with (he was ahead of me) at the University of Minnesota Theatre Dept. Peter Michael Goetz. Wherever you are, hope you are working, your family is well and it’s always a kick to see you on the tube.

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