Pig Friday, Jul 23 2021 

A lonely old hermit has taught his pet pot bellied pig to hunt out truffles in the forests of the Pacific Northwest.. This is a valuable skill and someone steals the man’s pig. This was the hermit’s only source of income. This film is shot in Portland, Oregon where I happen to live. Quite an unusual role for Nicholas Cage -he is very introverted and is obviously depressed by something that occurred in his past. The film slowly reveals the past life this man has had. There were times when I wished this character would wash his hair or take a shower. But none the less this is a tour de force for Nicholas Cage as an actor.

The Duke Monday, Jul 19 2021 

Jim Broadbent and Helen Mirren are outstanding in well drawn character roles in this laugh out loud comedy. The courtroom scene is classic. Tiiming is everything in comedy and it shines here. The story is about a heist of a valuable painting or was it just borrowed? A great way to lighten up a Sunday afternoon.

Jappeloup Saturday, Jul 3 2021 

I’m really into horse films it seems. And this one does not disappoint. A true story of the French horse who won the gold medal in the Olympics. Hard won win. Seeing a horse jump is poetry in motion. And after all that flying over hurdles – there is a water impediment to conquer too. Life wasn’t always easy for Jappeloup – he gets a disease (not fatal )that prevents him from being sold – and at one point his horse trailer catches on fire. But all’s well that ends well. Good watching for kids and adults as well. Size does not matter – Jappeloup is a smaller horse with a big heart.

Profile Monday, Jun 7 2021 

A British film that really crept up to me slowly but surely. A journalist plays the role of a sexy young woman and develops a relationship with an ISIS terrorist. I guess I should say that I really don’t like films that rely too much on showing a computer screen and a moving cursor and texting. But this film transcends all that. It is amazing to me that this is based on real events. In the middle of the film, it even appears that the journalist has fallen for the young handsome jihadist who even the audience feels is truly in love with her. And it even seems that she may be falling for the terrorist. But one can easily be tricked. It appears seduction on the internet and Skype can result in the young woman being sold as a sex slave. I think anyone who would want to marry or be involved with an enemy of your home country is playing with fire.

American Traitor – the Trial of Axis Sally Sunday, May 30 2021 

It’s nice to see Al Pacino finally get a really good role again. He’s perfect for the role of the lawyer. His final speech is riveting, A period piece – (I guess I am too) – born in the late 1940’s. Sometimes when I think of these times during the war I don’t know how my parents dealt with it. I guess the point of the film is that things aren’t always what they seem – at least not totally. There is always another side to the story. But she does pay a price. And when you think about it – she deserved some penalty for her words..

the woman in the window Sunday, May 16 2021 

Stayed up past my bedtime to watch this thriller. If you like Hitchkock-Rear Window and Psycho -you’ll like this. Amy Adams is great in this – she plays an agoraphobic child psychologist. She is terrified of leaving the house. But she does get visitors. One in particular played by Julianne Moore is central to the story. Julianne creates quite a character in this. ( Never have seen her in this kind of role before – its nice to see actors stretch.) Definitely worth watching.

Penguin Bloom Saturday, Feb 27 2021 

I invariably like Naomi Watt’s work. This is a little gem of a film. And it is based on a true story. Through the love and concern of a bird (repaying the rescue of said bird when very young).a very depressed woman and her children learn to handle all the woe and drawbacks of being wheel- chair bound. And Sam was very active before her accident – an accomplished surfer. Then the mynah bird , Penguin, enters the scene and slowly but surely wins everyone’s hearts. A great film for the kids to watch with you.

The Crown Monday, Nov 16 2020 

Quality, quality, quality… I’m sure by now you know that this is special. The cast is superb and the stories never disappoint. It also surprises me how close the portrayals are to those who are living and deceased. Or at least they seem to be. Don’t miss it!

Blue Jasmine Monday, Feb 3 2014 

Not sure how I feel about Woody Allen, always gave him the benefit of the doubt about allegations. But regardless of all that, his artistic self is above reproach, I’m not saying his personal self is spotless. I really don’t know. Cate Blanchett is very compelling as the title character. I cared about her. I, in some ways. could identify with her, reconstructing a life. Be warned it is a sad movie, but real in the sense of life’s disappointments. Recommended for adults, actually not a lot of gratuitous sex. And there are bright moments of relief.

Prisoners Saturday, Jan 18 2014 

th A fine film. Very skillfully acted and directed. Both of the leads were outstanding. A different role for Hugh Jackman. Somewhat disturbing in subject matter and violence. In my mind not for kids. The question kind of was who’s torturing who?

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