Greenlights Monday, May 3 2021 

I don’t really write book reviews-but this is definitely film related. And I haven’t even finished the book yet. But I must say that I am very impressed with the originality of the work and the deep insights it offers. One can certainly say that Matthew McConaughey has travelled far and wide and learned a great deal from the experience. He is a most fortunate man. Some of his musings even reach the level of poetry.

It is a very personal sharing. Beauty is depth.

One of the more surprising memories are his musings about a visit to a monastery and how he bared his soul to a Christian brother.


Mud Saturday, Aug 17 2013 

A great film about those who can and can’t commit to another person. Very impressed with Matthew McConaughey and the young actors as well as Sam Shepard. Nice to see Mr. Shepard working…. This is a must see for teens on into adulthood. Mr. McConaughey shows the versatility of his acting talent.


Lincoln Lawyer Sunday, Jul 17 2011 

This is a fine film. Always been a fan of Matthew McConaughey. The stereotype of the sleazy lawyer is refuted here. He does his job and somehow retains his integrity with complicated maneuvers. He looks great in this film too….. booty watch here. And he always looks on top of it and smart… (Yeah, I know he’s married). But I can appreciate from afar.