Stillwater Saturday, Aug 21 2021 

Still waters run deep – is a great explanation of Matt Damon’s character. He plays a low key character – construction worker – whose daughter was imprisoned in France for a murder. He cannot accept this and eventually ends up moving to Marseilles to be near the prison she is in and to try to clear her name. He has a very lucky relationship with a French woman and her daughter and they become roommates. He doesn’t speak much French and she interprets in his search for the killer. This film is extremely well crafted – acting wise and in every other way. Be prepared for surprises.

The Adjustment Bureau Sunday, Jul 24 2011 

A very, very interesting film. A love story with some twists and an out of this world feeling. Maybe it is good to hang in there when all is against you and go for what you want and need…. Food for thought… RENT…

Hereafter Wednesday, Mar 30 2011 

Gran Torino is one of my favorite Clint Eastwood movies. I also liked The Changeling. This one falls a bit behind those 2 for me. It really is a love story – not what you would expect from promo clips. The tsunami scene in the beginning is quite masterful, but maybe a bit much for those shaken by current events.