The Patient Friday, Oct 28 2022 

T is for transference- a psychological diagnostic term – in therapy it refers to someone redirecting their feelings for one person onto the therapist. If you know that, you shouldn’t be surprised about the ending. Definitely an Emmy nomination for Steve Carell – he’s done a lot of comedy but this proves his versatility. This is pretty deep and very moving. And it is a very interesting plot. I must admit I am a sucker for therapy shows. But this one covers new ground.

The Queens Gambit Sunday, Nov 1 2020 

Young orphan learns to play chess in the basement of the orphanage with the janitor. Sounds unlikely – well it is – but the skill of the young actress in this series makes you believe. I can’t think of any film or series that gets your attention – and, to be honest, I’ve never played chess or really wanted to do that – a little too cerebral for me. This is a winner.