last weeks House not the finale Sunday, May 22 2011 

Well House is getting crazier and crazier. If you don’t like blood miss this one. Also don’t do surgery at home in your tub. My lady friends and I think House has lost something important with the demise of Huddy. And woe is me – Lisa Edelstein is leaving the series (at least that is the word now). I wish her well. The character House grew as a person when he had Cuddy and Rachel in his life. He is taking a major swandive now. Yes, I will tune in the finale.

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beginning thoughts on the changes on House Wednesday, Mar 23 2011 

Actually his new “pseudo” wife or real wife, not sure, is very pretty and lovely in her dress. I regret seeing the growth the House character has experienced lost all of a sudden like this. Cuddy made the decision and I can understand why. But I guess we will just have to keep on watching to see how this plays out. It’s obvious House still cares for Cuddy. Yes, the biting banter between House and Cuddy has a motivation again and keeps things spicy. Guess I was a Huddy after all. But I know this is only a TV show.