Profile Monday, Jun 7 2021 

A British film that really crept up to me slowly but surely. A journalist plays the role of a sexy young woman and develops a relationship with an ISIS terrorist. I guess I should say that I really don’t like films that rely too much on showing a computer screen and a moving cursor and texting. But this film transcends all that. It is amazing to me that this is based on real events. In the middle of the film, it even appears that the journalist has fallen for the young handsome jihadist who even the audience feels is truly in love with her. And it even seems that she may be falling for the terrorist. But one can easily be tricked. It appears seduction on the internet and Skype can result in the young woman being sold as a sex slave. I think anyone who would want to marry or be involved with an enemy of your home country is playing with fire.

Lampwork Bird Pendant Thursday, Jun 3 2021 

Pendant hangs approximately 2 inches and is 1 and 1/8 inches wide. Includes a connecting hook.


Purple bird lampwork pendant

Carefully annealed. In tones of purple and yellow.


New Work Friday, Apr 20 2012 

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