Belfast Wednesday, Dec 8 2021 


Kenneth Branagh is a brilliant director. And as I’ve said before, he’s a welcome visitor in my teepee. (Old Ladies Joke). He has done so much – acting, directing, Shakespeare that communicates. Evidentally he appears to have grown up in Belfast , Northern Ireland in the time of the “Troubles”. But this is not all violence and gore. There is definitely some of that. .But there is plenty of comic relief. It comes across as real life. Judi Dench is incredibly good as Grandma. And Grandpa was also very warmly portrayed.

And I must say I love the Irish brogue – wee this and wee that. Isn’t anything large? Well I was hugely entertained – it’s in black and white but it didn’t seem to be wrong. See it!

The young actor who portrays him growing up is also brilliant. This movie just rings true. Even in the worst of times there are times of relief with humor and high jinks.

Wallander Wednesday, Sep 12 2012 

Kenneth Branagh….. hmmmm….. a very subtle character , except in limited tense moments. This is a great series as he plays a Swedish investigator. In”Autumn”, even his new home is involved. Available on Public TV recently, There are more coming. A very versatile actor – able to do over the top and its opposite. Also a wonderful director. Excellent director of Shakespeare on film.