John Wick Chapter 4 Tuesday, Mar 28 2023 

This is a visual masterpiece. Some of the set pieces are very detailed and dare I say mystical.

I’m really not a great fan of this style of work – but I will say that it is definitely work of a very high order. I don’t think anyone does it better. A deep and dark atmosphere was captured as well as Wick driving around the Eiffel tower.

The martial arts and the varied backgrounds figure prominently. I hope I can be forgiven for saying this is a “guy” film.

But I’m sure women can enjoy it too.

I’m a visual person and enjoyed the color and majesty in this film.

2 Canadians Sunday, Feb 27 2022 

A little bird told me that Keanu is making John Wick 4 in New York City as we speak –so I felt I should clue my readers into this information. I don’t know how long it will take to release but keep your eyes and ears open. I don’t know him well – but I can tell you he is sensitive and gentlemanly from the limited contact I have had. I’m in love………

This quote is quite astute.

Bruce Cockburn

I have appreciated Bruce’s music and poetry for many years. When I lived in Boulder, Colorado I went to every concert in Denver and Boulder that he had. Bruce is a great poet , maybe even a prophet and musician. I also, after moving to Portland ,Oregon saw him at the zoo (at the end he said) “Let’s give the elephants a rest ” I think they were vocalizing. The concert at Tulagi in Boulder was very memorable – you felt real close to the performers. Rosanne Cash opened the show. I hope he’s still performing.