New listing – Ode to Matisse Earrings Saturday, Jan 23 2021 

Bead woven earrings with my original design- somewhat reminiscent of Matisse. A great gift for valentines day. These are somewhat time consuming to make. Or does a lady you know have a birthday coming up?


sterling silver ear wires. with long fringe


Pieces of a Woman Saturday, Jan 9 2021 

A gripping film with a redemptive ending. If you’re pregnant , I’d maybe pass this up. As careful as “Call the Midwife” in portraying childbirth accurately; it seemed even more immediate and painful before and after the birth. The female lead is very very good and is paired with Shia Lebeouf- who shows us more than once that men can cry. I would say it is a woman’s film. My husband said it was painful to watch.