3 thousand years of LONGING Friday, Feb 24 2023 

I’m a sucker for a good love story and a dyed in the wool fan of Idris Elba. He plays his part with masculine strength and a very protective demeanor. I remember him in Luther. His foil is Tilda Swinton – an academic smart enough to be the lady of this magical purveyor of 3 wishes. I wish he would visit me. I’ve got more than 3 wishes! Suitable for imaginative adults and children. And anyone who knows me – would not call me a fan of fantasy – but this show won me over.

Luther Friday, Sep 6 2013 

Maybe its a glimpse of the underside of London, maybe it’s Idris Elba’s intensity and great good looks and performance skills. I love Luther. 

The villains are quirky and very interesting – one a demented Robin Hood type. The Brits certainly know how to entertain.