Road Kill or the versatility of Hugh Laurie Monday, Nov 9 2020 

Well, I really still miss Dr. House – I still feel that was his most impressive venture. It was such an original character. But Hugh has shown us he is an actor capable of playing other types as well. Die hard fan that I am, I have watched him in the Night Manager as a villain – Chance as a psychiatrist – and Veep as a politician – screwy politician. And if you look back at his early career with his side kick – Stephen Fry – numerous other manifestations of character and inscrutable timing.

Road Kill is pretty good – but I have only seen the first two episodes so far. It really beats the recent foray into outer space – I’m sorry but that wasn’t up to my expectations. Road Kill is serious and straight forward and shows another side of Mr. Laurie’s persona. I feel certain, however, that Road Kill will grow on me. Good writing, fine acting all around.

Arthur Ballet Tuesday, Dec 3 2013 

Hugh Laurie’s tweets got me on this mind track- asking about theories of comedy. My theatre education was at the University of Minnesota and I was privileged to know ,as a student, Dr. Arthur Ballet. Last year Dr. Ballet died, and I didn’t know that until I researched him on a whim. May he rest in peace. He was truly brilliant and charismatic. He was kind of like Dr. House upon reflection. As the following article attests – no suffering of fools… But I must say this fool he suffered. It was an exhausting and growthful 4 years I spent in the theatre department. I never regret it and fondly remember that time of trials and joys.


Hugh Laurie is now on Twitter Thursday, Nov 28 2013 

I’ m going to be very careful here…. He takes offense easily. He can be critical. He can be annoying….But the humor is there if you look hard enough. Razor sharp wit (watch out you can be cut). Very discriminating taste in followers, and occasional daffiness (as in duck). Somewhat random stream of consciousness and some I don’t get… I’m not British. So if you are brave and like talking to yourself follow @hughlaurie on Twitter. Forgive me Mr. Laurie.

YOU MUST LISTEN Sunday, Aug 18 2013 

A great interview which aired today on NPR with Hugh Laurie about the new album.

great interview.. a happy Hugh….

the Oranges Tuesday, May 14 2013 

Well, first of all, I admire Mr. Laurie’s acting ability very much. Unfortunately in this film his gifts are somewhat unused. Maybe its me, but I didn’t find the young lady’s charms that mesmerizing nor Mr. Laurie’s character’s attraction that convincing. It was portrayed as a dalliance that unfortunately upset a lot of people’s apple carts. The role of the daughter of the offending father was well done as well as Allison Janney’s role of too manipulative mother.  The girl who sinned was unapologetic and immature and hence to me unappealing. But then at that age…..we all are immature. Now Cuddy and House had real passion going for them. “Real” in the theatrical sense. Well, that’s my view, feel free to differ. 

Love is Blind (House) Tuesday, Mar 20 2012 

It was a joy to see House’s mother again. Also the case was pretty interesting. A quite good episode. I’m even getting used to his “green card” wife. More of Wilson in this episode which is always welcomed. I’m very sorry to see this show go, I am hooked. Hugh Laurie is the glue that holds it all together and his masterful characterization and great sense of humor against all odds is admirable. I only hope he can find film roles that showcase his whole range of talents so the public can enjoy.

Tuesday, Feb 14 2012 

the wonder – actor himself

Last night’s House Tuesday, Feb 14 2012 

Now that we know the story will end soon, we are all wondering how. Last night, we got a lot of insight into Chase. I identify somewhat with him, won’t go into detail why. Now we have 2 limpees in the hospital. A fine episode . Why did it take so long to make some unusually good episodes? Caught a glimpse in coming attractions of the Russian ditzy wife. What next? Monday nights are going to be a little grim without House night.

Last night’s House 2/6/12 “Nobodys Fault” Tuesday, Feb 7 2012 

My response to last night’s show! The writers really performed well, as did everyone in the cast. Chase knows House it seems, better than anyone else. House is human after all, more insight into his character That’s really what’s been lacking, insight into the House character.

House update Thursday, Feb 2 2012 

Well, we are back to the old tested and true formula, but after last year, one yearns for more surprises… Maybe they are yet to come. Don’t get me wrong, I really admire Mr. Laurie and his work. I’m happy with everyone, including Taub and his “Daddy” troubles. Chase is fleshing out a bit more. And Dr. Adams is a great shot. Nice to see some wacky locations for whatever reason. Monday night is still “House” night over here and shall remain so.

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