last night’s House Tuesday, Oct 11 2011 

A good episode. You know Wilson will break down and be House’s friend in the long run. It was pretty gross watching that pair of lungs change color from bad to worse and end up in that patient’s body, but it worked. A very interesting concept. House has his edge and certainly seems to be edgy. Same biting banter. The Chinese actress is an interesting addition. House is still House. I liked House’s hair better before, a minor note, but it has nothing to do with the thinning area. They’re not hiding it any more but I really don’t mind, makes him real-er.

House a jailbird Tuesday, Oct 4 2011 

As if you didn’t know by now House is in jail, having new and old problems and some new eye candy played by Odette Annable who sides with the Doctor in the end. House is even more ingenious in jail since there are more intricate prison relationships he has to bypass and avoid. A bit of the wind has been taken taken out of his sails, since he’s not the fearless leader. But he has developed survivor skills a la McGiver to get out of problems. Interesting episode and I want the show to go on personally….

last weeks House not the finale Sunday, May 22 2011 

Well House is getting crazier and crazier. If you don’t like blood miss this one. Also don’t do surgery at home in your tub. My lady friends and I think House has lost something important with the demise of Huddy. And woe is me – Lisa Edelstein is leaving the series (at least that is the word now). I wish her well. The character House grew as a person when he had Cuddy and Rachel in his life. He is taking a major swandive now. Yes, I will tune in the finale.

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House – To Be or Not to Be Tuesday, May 10 2011 

The title is talking about 2 things – is House renewed, stopping, or moving next season – and has House finally done himself in for real with unproven treatments. 2 more new episodes to find out the last. I for one, hope the show is coming back and of course want to see the character live. Tune in for the next episode. I was very relieved to see that House was not doing very serious drugs. I’m not sure I could forgive the writers if he did that. But the coming attractions points to another episode not to be missed.

I’ve heard a few cuts from Hugh Laurie’s new album and I give it a thumbs up, by the way. I’m may even go out and buy it…..

beginning thoughts on the changes on House Wednesday, Mar 23 2011 

Actually his new “pseudo” wife or real wife, not sure, is very pretty and lovely in her dress. I regret seeing the growth the House character has experienced lost all of a sudden like this. Cuddy made the decision and I can understand why. But I guess we will just have to keep on watching to see how this plays out. It’s obvious House still cares for Cuddy. Yes, the biting banter between House and Cuddy has a motivation again and keeps things spicy. Guess I was a Huddy after all. But I know this is only a TV show.

House Tuesday, Mar 1 2011 

The best part of last night’s show was the end when House, drunk, goes to see Cuddy. That intimate moment was classic. It was a sad story and I guess I needed a little more humor last night. The next episode however, from the trailer, looks like something not to be missed. This was a good, average, episode. Here average is praise, since the bar is set pretty high here…..

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School for guys – last night’s House Tuesday, Feb 22 2011 

House went to school last night and learned from the innocence of kids. When in love it is best to be genuine and honest and caring. It was a very different and somewhat cute episode. Unfortunately, what he was teaching could be better left for their later years, but he still has his nasty little edge about him. Quite a good episode.

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