RPG’s on Twitter Tuesday, Aug 28 2012 

I  guess the highly practical among us, think a role playing group on Twitter is a waste of time  But if you are a frustrated actor/creative type, it’s an outlet and there is an audience. It’s a way to make friends, you really don’t know but sort of do know. That can be comforting especially in times of stress. It also is just plain fun. Yes, I still make lampwork beads but I also need to have fun now and then. 

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Last night’s House 2/6/12 “Nobodys Fault” Tuesday, Feb 7 2012 

My response to last night’s show! The writers really performed well, as did everyone in the cast. Chase knows House it seems, better than anyone else. House is human after all, more insight into his character That’s really what’s been lacking, insight into the House character.

Last night’s House Tuesday, Nov 8 2011 

The show needs a shot of adrenaline… Don’t get me wrong, I love Hugh Laurie, (from afar). He’s the reason I keep hanging in religiously watching the show… Last year was so exciting with unexpected events and insight into the House character. Now we are back to the “House” formula. I really have to admit that Lisa Edelstein added a lot of charisma and interplay that is needed. Not enough Wilson or sparks between him and House. This is not to say that it is unwatchable, it certainly is good entertainment. But it is missing something this year. Add a firecracker now and then.

Last night’s House – 10/31 Tuesday, Nov 1 2011 

Well, there seems to be less drama this year so far. I still remember last season’s jump into the pool…. But again a good solid episode. Charlyne Yi is growing by leaps and bounds in her quirky fun little role as Dr. Park. She is a winner! Odette Annable’s role is not as interesting. More of Dr. Wilson please and a little more tension between Foreman and House is in order. Regardless of any reservations, I still look forward to new episodes.

House 3/15 Tuesday, Mar 15 2011 

I have mixed feelings about some of the ways House sought to ease his pain of loss…… But they were funny…. If you missed this episode it will be on again. It was very masterfully done by actor, writer and director. The ending – and I’m not sure how I feel about it…. was most liberating and joyful actually. Sort of saying I choose not to be depressed, a good thought for all of us. Mysterious, liberating episode. And a great surprise.

Hugh Laurie – Bob Fosse? Tuesday, Mar 8 2011 

When I first heard about this musical, sing and dance version of House I was worried it would be gimmicky, but it was the highlight of last night and was very, very well done! Bravo! Actually my favorite part of the show.

I am amazed at how fervent twitter fans can be. Having a brief theatrical time in my life – I allow creative people to do their thing and am happy when they do so. A number of people on Twitter are really into “Huddy” and were actually terribly unhappy with last night’s ending. Perhaps they lack a little perspective…. or are still young. Relationships have their ups and downs and this is, ah, after all entertainment. This is not real life, people. I’m pretty fervent in my respect and appreciation of the show, but I know it is art, not life.

Part of it is Hugh Laurie – this character he has created resonates strongly with a lot of people, including yours truly. Also the writers and directors have a smart grasp of the pulse of what works for today’s audience. And they don’t stop trying to add something new in a classy way. Bravo!

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School for guys – last night’s House Tuesday, Feb 22 2011 

House went to school last night and learned from the innocence of kids. When in love it is best to be genuine and honest and caring. It was a very different and somewhat cute episode. Unfortunately, what he was teaching could be better left for their later years, but he still has his nasty little edge about him. Quite a good episode.