Simply Elegant Mistletoe Necklace Thursday, Nov 11 2021 

It’s getting to be that time of year again. The medallion is my design and is bead woven. There is a number of Swarovski crystals in this piece.16 inch choker with sterling silver toggle clasp . The medallion loosely reminds me of mistletoe . Not a flashy piece , but a simply elegant one

Mistletoe choker

beadwoven medalliion choker with Swarovski crystals and vintage beads in the strap


David Letterman’s Interview with Robert Downey Jr. Wednesday, Dec 2 2020 

This was one of the most enjoyable hours I’ve spent in a long time. Not only did we get to visit the Downey farm (alpacas especially – they are CUTE). But Robert Downey is thoroughly enjoyable to listen to. And Dave is no slouch either. .Issues such as drug use were discussed – but we all are most pleased that that is an issue of the past . I did also catch the recent flick of Dr. Doolittle and snickered loudly throughout. I must say it was really edifying to see a hale and hearty Robert Downey. Never at a loss for words is he.

New listing!! Thursday, Nov 19 2020 

Lilac Garden Bead Woven Dangle Earrings

My original design – earrings hang 2 and 3/4 inches at the longest point – sterling silver ear wires. I plan to do a lot of earrings before the holidays. Check back for more! I plan a lot of less detail, more design earrings in the near future.

Lilac garden dangle earrings

No shipping in the US. For Christmas giving and other holidays – order early.