Pieces of a Woman Saturday, Jan 9 2021 

A gripping film with a redemptive ending. If you’re pregnant , I’d maybe pass this up. As careful as “Call the Midwife” in portraying childbirth accurately; it seemed even more immediate and painful before and after the birth. The female lead is very very good and is paired with Shia Lebeouf- who shows us more than once that men can cry. I would say it is a woman’s film. My husband said it was painful to watch.

Luce Sunday, Feb 1 2015 

I’ve always admired Naomi Watt’s work as well as Tim Roth’s. They play loving supportive parents to an immigrant boy they have adopted who is now in high school. One of his teachers played by Octavia Spencer sees some troubling tendencies in the boy. For some reason her suspicions of the boy are not taken seriously – one being her family problems. He is very intelligent and knows how to impress. But is he all that he seems? Adapted from a stage play. reviewed on Sunday August 23, 2020

Parkland Friday, Dec 6 2013 

This is an excellent film about the horror we didn’t get to see of the Kennedy assassination.. Where was I? I was in high school class and the assassination was announced over the loud speaker. Every moment of this film was riveting. In today’s film world of ER , House. etc. the moments after the fact are well portrayed and the effort to save not as advanced but true to the time. What a sad moment in our history. 

Mud Saturday, Aug 17 2013 

A great film about those who can and can’t commit to another person. Very impressed with Matthew McConaughey and the young actors as well as Sam Shepard. Nice to see Mr. Shepard working…. This is a must see for teens on into adulthood. Mr. McConaughey shows the versatility of his acting talent.


The Place Beyond the Pines Thursday, Aug 8 2013 

I could watch Ryan Gosling all night…. Such an intense, open actor. This is about fathers and sons and the sins of the fathers… A long but very well done film….. RENT… 


42 Sunday, Aug 4 2013 

This is a great film to rent. For history buffs, baseball fans and those interested in civil rights. It shows we have made some progress, but no doubt there is still work to do. I am very glad we are not still in the days where racial slurs were accepted and politically correct, especially in the South. Excellent cast, especially Harrison Ford who does a great character role.

Anna Karenina the movie Thursday, Apr 4 2013 

I’m sure there are those who will disagree, but starting a movie out like a stage play is a real put off. This is a novel, a story of misplaced love. Standing back that far (obvious scene design props) cannot serve to involve the viewer. Hence this family saw only the beginning. I wish I was watching the Greta Garbo version. Sometimes the surroundings are just too clever to get to the meat of  the story. Too much of an emphasis on set, not enough on real involving emotions. The set was a distraction. Of course I didn’t see the whole thing, I was bored. ( And I will have you know I studied scene design for theatre, but it shouldn’t dominate and film has a different sensibility).

Seeking a Friend for the end of the World Sunday, Dec 2 2012 

This is a really fine film available for rental. I truly enjoyed this and all involved. Very thought provoking on how different people handle the “end of days” with resignation, denial, even lightheartedness…. and violence. The things that really matter come to the fore and the final scene is engraved on my memory. Bravo Steve Carell, Keira Knightley, and Martin Sheen… and the director.

The Descendants Tuesday, Mar 20 2012 

Another disturbing film, funny moments, but not a raucous comedy. Guess it shows that life even at its worst, has some relief built in. George Clooney as always is perfect. He deals with his pain admirably and is very sensitive to others even when dealing with his anger. Life is complicated.

Contagion Saturday, Feb 11 2012 

A Steven Soderberg film with all the earmarks. Haven’t seen Gwyneth Paltrow for awhile. Not sure exactly why but films of this type do capture one’s interest, And in the end the original mode of transmission is clearly illustrated. Interesting, good acting. Minneapolis Minnesota and University Hospital is one of the locales, my old stomping grounds..

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