The Family Sunday, Feb 23 2014 

Entertaining film. Violent however. Not for little children. De Niro and Pfeiffer are in top form. So is Tommy Lee Jones. Worth a rental.

The company you keep Thursday, Aug 15 2013 

Love, love Mr. Redford’s work… too bad he is taken, but then so am I. Glad he’s happy. What a treat to see some wonderful aging actors in this quite interesting tale. Everyone does a terrific job. Including the director. Do rent this…. Hope it is doing well.

On the Road Sunday, Aug 11 2013 

NOT FOR CHILDREN…… But then I suppose you know that. This is earthy but interesting for adults. A collection of cultural misfits. I mean my parents were young during this time and nothing like this . Earthy and unabashed.  For the very open minded.

Hyde Park on the Hudson Tuesday, May 21 2013 

Bill Murray does a terrific job of playing FDR. And Laura Linney is superb at playing the shy and ultra feminine Daisy. Frankly I did not know FDR got around with the ladies as much as he did, but he was one of those people who was widely loved,nevertheless. I feel he did a lot of good for the country in very difficult times, personally and for  the country. Interesting how well he got along with the king of England. 

Cloud Atlas Sunday, May 19 2013 

Very interesting, but easy to lose your way in this film. Great acting – the ensemble shifts faces and gears.I generally dislike science fiction and fantasy, but this kept me interested. If you like those 2 genres, definitely rent. Very good acting kept me involved.

Flight Thursday, Feb 7 2013 

Great performance by Denzel Washington and an interesting plot line. A few rough edges in the characters, but when the chips are down Denzel cannot lie. Never saw a jet fly upside down before…. RENT