the little things Sunday, Jan 31 2021 

I don’t remember a time when Denzel Washington has given a bad performance. This portrayal of a California cop is one of his best. It is deep and subtle. Well written and directed film also. There are no definitive answers as to whom the serial killer is at the end of the film – but I suspect that happens in real life. The seedy underside of Los Angeles is in full view.

Flight Thursday, Feb 7 2013 

Great performance by Denzel Washington and an interesting plot line. A few rough edges in the characters, but when the chips are down Denzel cannot lie. Never saw a jet fly upside down before…. RENT

Unstoppable Thursday, Feb 17 2011 

Denzel Washington has come a long way from “St. Elsewhere”. He has done so much good work as an actor…. This is no exception. Also Tony Scott is at the top of his game in directing this thriller. It is certainly a thrilling film. Jump on the roller coaster and watch!

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