John Wick Chapter 4 Tuesday, Mar 28 2023 

This is a visual masterpiece. Some of the set pieces are very detailed and dare I say mystical.

I’m really not a great fan of this style of work – but I will say that it is definitely work of a very high order. I don’t think anyone does it better. A deep and dark atmosphere was captured as well as Wick driving around the Eiffel tower.

The martial arts and the varied backgrounds figure prominently. I hope I can be forgiven for saying this is a “guy” film.

But I’m sure women can enjoy it too.

I’m a visual person and enjoyed the color and majesty in this film.

Tulsa King Monday, Dec 12 2022 

Sylvester Stallone has until now not been one of my favorites. But now, I must say that he is winning me over. He has the wisdom of 75 years and a well used tongue in cheek humor. He is totally a character of a well worn mafioso who can still inspire romance and show a warm side of a caring father who loves his grand kids. This is one of the best offerings of this season! And once again this is the work of Taylor Sheridan who has also launched and written 1923 and 1883.