Revisiting the elephant in the room Tuesday, Aug 4 2020 

I don’t even know how many months we’ve been under this Covid -19 scourge… I’ve lost count. I haven’t been to the mall, the grocery store (I am in a high risk group) and am watching way too much television. However, we do take long walks ( we have Xfinity workouts on our cable tv )- thank God – We live in a hilly part of Portland, OR. The last hill is a doozy. I expect things to be more grim when the rains settle in. My husband does the shopping and I order some clothes and essentials online. What’s your story? Please, I am interested – leave a comment.

the elephant in the room COVID19 Sunday, Jul 12 2020 

Well, I have been most frustrated with current events – but thank God I haven’t been afflicted with this disease. I can’t believe that people are actually having parties where they want to get the disease. Unfortunately one person seems to have died that way.

Little pleasures have been taken away – like not being paranoid about grocery shopping – I haven’t been grocery shopping for at least 2-3 months. My husband does it with his mask on and I wipe everything he brings home with disinfecting wipes. I don’t go with him since I am pretty high risk – several conditions – but nothing too drastic. I must say I really miss Trader Joes – but with the narrow aisles and the relative smallness of the store… it can get crowded.

Our diet is pretty much stir fry in the summer. And I do have to say that I miss Sweet Tomatoes ( which I have read is going out of business ) and other restaurant-y treats since variety is the spice of life.

In Oregon we now can go to restaurants if you first check in with your temperature and wear a mask – of course, not while you are actively chewing… and the safest areas appear to be outside – al fresco.

  • I love comments – so do take the time – how does your experience compare?