Stillwater Saturday, Aug 21 2021 

Still waters run deep – is a great explanation of Matt Damon’s character. He plays a low key character – construction worker – whose daughter was imprisoned in France for a murder. He cannot accept this and eventually ends up moving to Marseilles to be near the prison she is in and to try to clear her name. He has a very lucky relationship with a French woman and her daughter and they become roommates. He doesn’t speak much French and she interprets in his search for the killer. This film is extremely well crafted – acting wise and in every other way. Be prepared for surprises.

More clearance jewelry…………. $30 or under Friday, Jul 30 2021 

20 inches with turquoise and a deer pendant


$30 turquoise has been rising in price and this is a good grade. Also note the pipestone.

deer pendant turquoise necklace

20 inch necklace – good quality turquoise and pipestone


rustic amazonite necklace with lampwork pendant $29

Rustic amazonite lampwork choker

15 inches, Italian glass pendant – handmade by me


Very colorful bead woven choker 18 inches coral pendant $30

very time consuming bead weaving

Colorful bead woven long choker

Love the colors on this bead woven 18 inch necklace!


Lampwork pendant choker -dainty $24 I really like the pendant on this – its a cross between a sunburst and a flower. My lampwork bead

Sunburst/flower choker

15 inch choker


More clearance items-none over $30 Thursday, Jul 29 2021 

beautiful red brown bracelet – 7 inches without the toggle – should fit most

With reduction frit and other red brown glasses and pipestone


red brown bracelet

toggle clasp – pipestone 7 inches


4 angel pendants 2 with sterling silver chains $30

4 angel pendants – lampwork

4 lampwork angel pendants 1 to 1 and1/2 inches tall – a gift for a young lady? $30 for all 4


coral necklace with lampwork hearts

20 inch necklace $28

coral necklace

20 inches of really red.


Pig Friday, Jul 23 2021 

A lonely old hermit has taught his pet pot bellied pig to hunt out truffles in the forests of the Pacific Northwest.. This is a valuable skill and someone steals the man’s pig. This was the hermit’s only source of income. This film is shot in Portland, Oregon where I happen to live. Quite an unusual role for Nicholas Cage -he is very introverted and is obviously depressed by something that occurred in his past. The film slowly reveals the past life this man has had. There were times when I wished this character would wash his hair or take a shower. But none the less this is a tour de force for Nicholas Cage as an actor.

Clearance Sale Necklaces Sunday, Jul 18 2021 

20 inch ocean jasper necklace with lampwork $28.00

lampwork orchid pendant necklace with amethyst and coral $25 16 inch strap
19 inch pottery shard pendant necklace with lampwork and jade $30

ocean jasper necklace

20 inch strap


orchid necklace 16 inch strap

lampwork orchid pendant


pottery shard pendant necklace

lampwork, jade, 19 inches


clearance sale -earrings -$ 10 Friday, Jul 16 2021 

left to right top to bottom- abcd

Only available to USA residents.. Email me at Other price reductions do not apply.. No shipping .

These are lampwork earrings – hand made and annealed by me. Sterling silver wires and Italian glass. Every pair is only $10. Pay with Paypal.

Lampwork earrings

Sterling silver and my lampwork made of Italian glass. Some Swarovski crystals.