Moneyball Sunday, Jan 29 2012 

I didn’t like Tree of Life but this film kept me interested. Brad Pitt is a good actor. The story (even to a very unenthusiastic baseball fan like me) was interesting. Philip Seymour Hoffman and the new supporting actor nominee were also quite fine in this effort. Somewhat educational for kids if they are old enough to get it. 



Tree of Life Monday, Nov 14 2011 

Two words for this film – self-conscious. Looks like 2001 A space odyssey – in Waco Texas. Terrance Malick is a name I remember from college, a new young playwright helped by Dr. Ballet’s OADR in U of Minnesota Theatre Dept. I could get into the real (almost too real) scenes of a boy growing up – but all that space, and nature outside of whatever the plot was were a problem for me. I’m old fashioned in a way. I like plot and character development. The other worldly aspects of this film don’t work for me. Another side of Brad Pitt surfaces however. A movie on drugs.