Jappeloup Saturday, Jul 3 2021 

I’m really into horse films it seems. And this one does not disappoint. A true story of the French horse who won the gold medal in the Olympics. Hard won win. Seeing a horse jump is poetry in motion. And after all that flying over hurdles – there is a water impediment to conquer too. Life wasn’t always easy for Jappeloup – he gets a disease (not fatal )that prevents him from being sold – and at one point his horse trailer catches on fire. But all’s well that ends well. Good watching for kids and adults as well. Size does not matter – Jappeloup is a smaller horse with a big heart.

Melanie Harding – gorgeous bead work Thursday, Sep 20 2012 

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The Next 3 Days Wednesday, Mar 9 2011 

Love Russell Crowe. This is quite a roller coaster ride of emotion, action and substance. It is a – “you can’t stop watching it” type of film. Crowe’s intensity is infectious. A husband who never stopped believing. When all is against this little family- they find a way. One of the better films I have seen in a long time.

newest kid on the block Friday, Feb 18 2011 

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new items for sale Monday, Jul 5 2010 

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