discover your inner gypsy… Wednesday, Apr 28 2021 

Yes they don’t match… that’s on purpose… the designs are the same. It’s been done before. The design however is MINE. I’m looking for a special buyer… dramatic, sexy, who can carry it off. The gold delica beads have real gold in them. Definitely a conversation piece. Sterling silver ear wires. Earrings hang 3 inches..

Gypsy statement bead woven earrings

Hang 3 inches – same design different colors.


New Listing! Monday, Feb 22 2021 

The light color is pale green – as usual is prettier in person, Light as a feather earrings. Fringe hang approximately 2 and 1/4 inches. Made with Japanese Delica beads. Sterling silver ear wires.


bead woven earrings with yummy colors

My design – sterling silver ear wires


the little things Sunday, Jan 31 2021 

I don’t remember a time when Denzel Washington has given a bad performance. This portrayal of a California cop is one of his best. It is deep and subtle. Well written and directed film also. There are no definitive answers as to whom the serial killer is at the end of the film – but I suspect that happens in real life. The seedy underside of Los Angeles is in full view.

Let Him Go Saturday, Dec 19 2020 

A special film…… Both Diane Lane and Kevin Costner shine in well developed and lived character roles. It’s kind of hard to put into words the wonderful under played dialogue and warmth between this film couple. A pair of grandparents see mistreatment of their deceased son’s son and his mother. And when they encounter the family of their widowed daughter – in – laws second husband the only answer appears to be to try to take the mother and son back to their home. A lot more happens but I won’t spoil it for you.

Your Honor Thursday, Dec 17 2020 

Bryan Cranston is very very good in this. He is a judge with an innovative mind that finds himself in a terrible situation. His son, who has lost his mother in years past is involved in a hit and run accident. What can’t and won’t he be able to do to protect his son according to his flexible moral code? Tune in to watch this quandary unfold.

The Crown Monday, Nov 16 2020 

Quality, quality, quality… I’m sure by now you know that this is special. The cast is superb and the stories never disappoint. It also surprises me how close the portrayals are to those who are living and deceased. Or at least they seem to be. Don’t miss it!