Bridgerton Thursday, Dec 31 2020 

Well, this show is very popular, and I do enjoy watching it, but I am an adult. It’s to say the least, pretty racy. Well written and acted though. The dialogue is sprightly and the characters are very well drawn. At one time I wanted to be an actress – I’m kind of glad I didn’t pursue that – it seems that very revealing and embarrassing moments involving intercourse are the name of the game these days. Shakespeare wasn’t this roudy. The humor -especially Lady Whistledown’s gossip rag , (played skillfully by Julie Andrews) is well done. Have the kids watch cartoons in another room.

Showstopper Necklace Tuesday, Apr 9 2013 

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What are you doing New Years? Monday, Dec 12 2011 

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Hugh Laurie – Bob Fosse? Tuesday, Mar 8 2011 

When I first heard about this musical, sing and dance version of House I was worried it would be gimmicky, but it was the highlight of last night and was very, very well done! Bravo! Actually my favorite part of the show.

I am amazed at how fervent twitter fans can be. Having a brief theatrical time in my life – I allow creative people to do their thing and am happy when they do so. A number of people on Twitter are really into “Huddy” and were actually terribly unhappy with last night’s ending. Perhaps they lack a little perspective…. or are still young. Relationships have their ups and downs and this is, ah, after all entertainment. This is not real life, people. I’m pretty fervent in my respect and appreciation of the show, but I know it is art, not life.

Part of it is Hugh Laurie – this character he has created resonates strongly with a lot of people, including yours truly. Also the writers and directors have a smart grasp of the pulse of what works for today’s audience. And they don’t stop trying to add something new in a classy way. Bravo!

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Something new Saturday, May 29 2010 

Love geometric bead weaving with delica beads. I started out bead weaving by the way. Here’s an example of something new.. I definitely haven’t given up on lampwork. But I get the itch to bead weave too.

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