the woman in the window Sunday, May 16 2021 

Stayed up past my bedtime to watch this thriller. If you like Hitchkock-Rear Window and Psycho -you’ll like this. Amy Adams is great in this – she plays an agoraphobic child psychologist. She is terrified of leaving the house. But she does get visitors. One in particular played by Julianne Moore is central to the story. Julianne creates quite a character in this. ( Never have seen her in this kind of role before – its nice to see actors stretch.) Definitely worth watching.

The Fighter Thursday, Mar 17 2011 

A lot of Academy Award nominations from this one. I did think the characterizations were excellent. However, I really don’t get into “low life” movies. Christian Bale did a fine job, but his character was very, very annoying to me. Amy Adams is so fine in everything she does…. Melissa Leo had her character down…. It was well done and watchable, but not my favorite….

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!