Good Luck to You Leo Grande Monday, Jun 27 2022 

Emma Thompson plays an uptight widow who decides she wants the attentions of a sex worker. She lucked out with a very attractive , patient and unflappable male for hire. She is quite nervous and uneasy as I would imagine anyone would be. She is a woman who had a very non passionate sex life with her deceased husband. Leo Grande does all he can to calm her and doesn’t force the issue. By the fourth encounter she has blossomed and we get to see Leo’s vulnerability and past. It’s a satisfying film. for adults, of course. Fine acting and writing.

The Bear Saturday, Jun 25 2022 

Jeremy Allen White shines as the principal character in this behind the scenes view of the frenetic life of a restauranteur in Chicago. After his brother’s demise – he inherits said restaurant with all its troubles. The pace of this show is right on. People are working very intensely and at a fast clip. I’ve admired Mr. White’s work in Shameless and I’m not disappointed here. He has a look about him that reminds me of a young Robert Mitchum. Don’t miss this. It’s only 30 minutes and I wish it were longer.

Destination Wedding Tuesday, Jun 7 2022 

Oh, Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder make a really good pair in this really humorous movie. It’s very tongue in cheek. These are 2 people we all know – critical of everything and everybody. I haven’t seen Winona in too many comedies – actually this may be the only one. The director and writer of this little gem of entertainment has filled his roles most competently. A different role for Keanu which he handles very well. Real life can be funny and sometimes you just need to take off the blinders and just see it. Don’t miss the sex scene – it’s very funny but highly un-romantic.


The Offer Saturday, May 28 2022 

It’s amazing how complicated movie making can be -and how difficult producing is. I had no idea. Everyone is touchy and uptight. I think Al Pacino gets short shrift in this rendition – that’s one flaw. But in general this is a great series. Almost as good as the Godfather.

the Time Travelers Wife Tuesday, May 17 2022 

This is one of the best new offerings this season, if not the best. 2 very engaging characters interact in space and time – nude and clothed – with some very jaunty dialogue. It’s a breath of fresh air. There’s so much murder and mayhem on the tube this is a great respite. And I must say the nudity is handled very tastefully showing just so much of Mr. Theo James’s physique as modesty would allow. I hope that the powers that be can keep the humor and good times rolling. Can’t wait for the next instalment!

Murder and More Murder Saturday, May 14 2022 

The Staircase and Candy are 2 series of a kind . There isn’t a lot of mystery in either – it’s more of an explanation of how did it happen? And there are surprises on the way. These are well acted productions – Toni Collette shines as the wife/victim. And Jessica Biel is believable in an unbelievable murder.

Under the Banner of Heaven Saturday, May 7 2022 

Andrew Garfield is excellent as an LDS cop. His sidekick is a native American non-believer who tends to add some outsider thoughts to what is going on in this Utah community. A young Mormon girl from Idaho becomes engaged to a fellow who is in a rather strict Latter Day Saints family in Utah. She comes off as more level – headed than the rest of the family she is marrying into. She seeks to work for a local television station. There are a number of males in this family attracted to this newcomer. Well there is a double murder and our cop duo try to solve this.

It seems like everything is a cop drama these days, but I must say this one kept me riveted.

First Ladies Monday, May 2 2022 

Boy there are a lot of excellent new offerings on cable and broadcast TV. The players look similar to their real-life counterparts but they, more importantly, have captured the essence of the famous people they portray. Kiefer Sutherland would not be my first choice for FDR, but he did pull it off. Also Mrs. Roosevelt was most convincing portrayed by Gillian Anderson. This is a far cry from Sex Education. And Michelle Pfeiffer as Betty Ford is worth special mention.

Gaslit Tuesday, Apr 26 2022 

An exceptional portrayal of the Watergate scandal. Julia Roberts as Martha Mitchell is spot on. Sean Penn is unrecognizable as John Mitchell. We gasped when we saw his name in the credits. This is quality work.

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