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West Side Story – reboot Thursday, Mar 10 2022 

I think that what worked in the first version is what works in the present one. The music is the same. There are numerous dances in the streets of New York. I really don’t think this needed to be remade. There isn’t a gang subculture in the present day. Also, when the first version came out – the way it was done was new and fresh and ground – breaking.

In Solidarity Thursday, Mar 10 2022 

Just wanted to say that I support those suffering in the Ukraine.

2 Canadians Sunday, Feb 27 2022 

A little bird told me that Keanu is making John Wick 4 in New York City as we speak –so I felt I should clue my readers into this information. I don’t know how long it will take to release but keep your eyes and ears open. I don’t know him well – but I can tell you he is sensitive and gentlemanly from the limited contact I have had.

This quote is quite astute.

Bruce Cockburn

I have appreciated Bruce’s music and poetry for many years. When I lived in Boulder, Colorado I went to every concert in Denver and Boulder that he had. Bruce is a great poet , maybe even a prophet and musician. I also, after moving to Portland ,Oregon saw him at the zoo (at the end he said) “Let’s give the elephants a rest ” I think they were vocalizing. The concert at Tulagi in Boulder was very memorable – you felt real close to the performers. Rosanne Cash opened the show. I hope he’s still performing.

Drive my car Friday, Feb 18 2022 

This is a very different film by Western standards -but it is also very moving – a Japanese film. And it is interesting that there is a lot of references to a Russian Chekhov play – Uncle Vanya. It’s a play within a play since the main character is directing Uncle Vanya at a Japanese repertory theater. There are a couple of nominations for this in this year’s Academy Awards. The title refers to the girl who is an employee of the theater who drives the main character around – the theatre director. The catharsis at the end is worth the price of admission. There is definitely a build to an explosion of emotion in the final scene.

The House of Gucci Friday, Feb 4 2022 

This is a very great accomplishment. Everyone in the cast is at the top of their game. Jeremy Irons commands as the outspoken head of the clan. Lady Gaga goes from a relative innocence to a bitter spurned woman. Jared Leto is hardly recognizable as the Gucci who got no respect and sold out the family. Al Pacino is his long suffering father. Adam Driver’s character is mutable as it should be portrayed. Also a great job of direction on a grand scale. See it.

The Gilded Age Friday, Jan 28 2022 

Christine Baranski’s portrayal of the dowager aunt stood out the most to me-what a departure from the Good Wife and the Good Fight! The creative mind behind Downton Abbey is also behind this and the quality shows. Cynthia Nixon is also branching out from her more contemporary roles. It’s amazing to me what chameleons actors are. Definitely worth watching.

1883 Monday, Jan 24 2022 

Sometimes I think we have it pretty rough in the present day what with Covid and all . But I’m glad I’m not living in 1883. Rudimentary birth control- Rampant disease – The role of women was much more limited – travel across country was on horse or wagon train – Bandits and Native Americans after those who had a lot to deal with just to cross a river safely. Sam Elliot is very very good as the melancholic wagon train master – I also like Tim McGraw and Faith Hill and Isabel May. Isabel does a very good job of showing a budding woman with a mind of her own who can wrangle cattle with the best of them.

Joe Pickett-Game Warden Wednesday, Jan 19 2022 

I was very impressed with this series. The scenes between the husband and wife are very well done and the villains well portrayed. The first season has a very authentic ring to it. I instantly was intrigued with the characters. The dialogue is well written and is delivered in a heart-felt manner. There are surprises but good triumphs over evil in the end.

My Dog Skip Tuesday, Jan 11 2022 

This is a tear-jerker but nonetheless a good film for children to see. It is subtly anti- war and I don’t think it is too childish for adults. Veteran actors like Diane Lane and Kevin Bacon fill out the script. Dog owners will appreciate this film.

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