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Unorthodox Wednesday, Jul 13 2022 

This is an exceptional film. Well, I’ll start by saying I would have a lot of trouble being a Hasidic Jew.

Too many rules – many of which make little sense – an absolutely male oriented society – no feminists allowed. We follow a young newly married pregnant girl with a deep love of music who runs away from all she knows to see what lies ahead for her out of her element. I must say I as a lapsed Catholic, at the age of 18, wouldn’t have had the courage she has shown in this quest for self-actualization.

This series has won a lot of well – deserved awards. The lead actress is deeply talented..

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Good Luck to You Leo Grande Monday, Jun 27 2022 

Emma Thompson plays an uptight widow who decides she wants the attentions of a sex worker. She lucked out with a very attractive , patient and unflappable male for hire. She is quite nervous and uneasy as I would imagine anyone would be. She is a woman who had a very non passionate sex life with her deceased husband. Leo Grande does all he can to calm her and doesn’t force the issue. By the fourth encounter she has blossomed and we get to see Leo’s vulnerability and past. It’s a satisfying film. for adults, of course. Fine acting and writing.

The Bear Saturday, Jun 25 2022 

Jeremy Allen White shines as the principal character in this behind the scenes view of the frenetic life of a restauranteur in Chicago. After his brother’s demise – he inherits said restaurant with all its troubles. The pace of this show is right on. People are working very intensely and at a fast clip. I’ve admired Mr. White’s work in Shameless and I’m not disappointed here. He has a look about him that reminds me of a young Robert Mitchum. Don’t miss this. It’s only 30 minutes and I wish it were longer.

Destination Wedding Tuesday, Jun 7 2022 

Oh, Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder make a really good pair in this really humorous movie. It’s very tongue in cheek. These are 2 people we all know – critical of everything and everybody. I haven’t seen Winona in too many comedies – actually this may be the only one. The director and writer of this little gem of entertainment has filled his roles most competently. A different role for Keanu which he handles very well. Real life can be funny and sometimes you just need to take off the blinders and just see it. Don’t miss the sex scene – it’s very funny but highly un-romantic.


The Offer Saturday, May 28 2022 

It’s amazing how complicated movie making can be -and how difficult producing is. I had no idea. Everyone is touchy and uptight. I think Al Pacino gets short shrift in this rendition – that’s one flaw. But in general this is a great series. Almost as good as the Godfather.

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