Cry Macho Sunday, Sep 19 2021 

I don’t think that this is the best film he’s done – but this is a pleasant little film. Mr. Eastwood’s character is asked by an old friend to locate and return his son – who is somewhere in Mexico. It’s a road picture. Old man , teenage Mexican. The kindness of strangers also figures in this film in the Senora who most graciously feeds them. My favorite line is ” I can’t cure OLD”. I don’t agree with his politics – but even in advanced age – Mr. Eastwood is a fine actor and director.

Annika Friday, Sep 17 2021 

This is a truly innovative police drama. The main character talks to the viewer directly from time to time. There is also a refreshing undercurrent of humor . Not too many cop dramas have that. And I must say, the Scottish brogue is quite musical and pleasant throughout. Great writing and performance throughout. Likeable characterizations.

Come from Away Sunday, Sep 12 2021 

This is a musical with a very unusual idea – on the day of one of our country’s darkest hours it shows the kindness of Canadians when the flights for that day had to be grounded in safe territory. All of a sudden small towns had to accommodate weary and frazzled travelers. This isn’t a dreary show at all – the kindness of strangers wins out and the music is very upbeat and rousing . I love seeing broadway shows on televison! I wish it happened more often!

Vigil Thursday, Sep 2 2021 

This is an English submarine series that is very absorbing. One of my favorite actresses – Suranne Jones, plays a policewoman detective who is sent on board to investigate a murder. The animosity between the Queen’s navy and the police doesn’t help matters. The pacing of this series is superb. Can’t wait to see the next installment!

Stillwater Saturday, Aug 21 2021 

Still waters run deep – is a great explanation of Matt Damon’s character. He plays a low key character – construction worker – whose daughter was imprisoned in France for a murder. He cannot accept this and eventually ends up moving to Marseilles to be near the prison she is in and to try to clear her name. He has a very lucky relationship with a French woman and her daughter and they become roommates. He doesn’t speak much French and she interprets in his search for the killer. This film is extremely well crafted – acting wise and in every other way. Be prepared for surprises.

CODA Tuesday, Aug 17 2021 

The title stands for Children of Deaf Adults. It’s a very moving account of a family where 3 members are deaf and 1 the daughter, can hear and interestingly enough has a very pleasing singing voice. This is a family of fishermen -Ocean fishing. And the Coast Guard demands that a hearing person be aboard with them. The daughter fills this role. But when she meets a choral group leader who encourages her to have further schooling in music -there is a conflict. Marlee Matlin is very good as well as the rest of the cast.

the Cuban Thursday, Aug 12 2021 

Lou Gosset Jr. shines in this nursing home drama. He is an inmate in this somewhat strictly run home. A medical student opens up his life with things she intuits he would enjoy. And he opens up like a flower. A man who had retreated into depression becomes smiley, and happy – dementia or not. It is very well acted and directed.

New Non-clearance listing Monday, Aug 9 2021 

farmer bunny listing – $45.00 16 inches of lampwork fun, vegetable sculpture

Note the corn cobb, the peas in the pod, colored peppers and carrrots – harvest this!


Farmer Bunny choker

16 inches of fun! sculptural lampwork choker


More clearance jewelry…………. $30 or under Friday, Jul 30 2021 

20 inches with turquoise and a deer pendant


$30 turquoise has been rising in price and this is a good grade. Also note the pipestone.

deer pendant turquoise necklace

20 inch necklace – good quality turquoise and pipestone


rustic amazonite necklace with lampwork pendant $29

Rustic amazonite lampwork choker

15 inches, Italian glass pendant – handmade by me


Very colorful bead woven choker 18 inches coral pendant $30

very time consuming bead weaving

Colorful bead woven long choker

Love the colors on this bead woven 18 inch necklace!


Lampwork pendant choker -dainty $24 I really like the pendant on this – its a cross between a sunburst and a flower. My lampwork bead

Sunburst/flower choker

15 inch choker


More clearance items-none over $30 Thursday, Jul 29 2021 

beautiful red brown bracelet – 7 inches without the toggle – should fit most

With reduction frit and other red brown glasses and pipestone


red brown bracelet

toggle clasp – pipestone 7 inches


4 angel pendants 2 with sterling silver chains $30

4 angel pendants – lampwork

4 lampwork angel pendants 1 to 1 and1/2 inches tall – a gift for a young lady? $30 for all 4


coral necklace with lampwork hearts

20 inch necklace $28

coral necklace

20 inches of really red.


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