Land Saturday, Apr 10 2021 

An outstanding directorial and acting effort by Robin Wright. A big change in role from the First Lady in House of Cards. After a personal tragedy , a middle aged woman decides to purchase a cabin in the wilderness. She finds she is not really prepared for the demands of dealing with animals ( a bear who interrupts a trip to the outdoor privy) and the loneliness and privations of winter which is longer in the mountains. During the winter she is rescued by a man well versed in survival in the mountains. He brings a nurse in to help her regain her strength. But this really isn’t about romance. They have similar tragedies to deal with. It is a truly sincere and deep friendship that heals both of them. I really recommend this film.

Mothers Day Earring Sale Wednesday, Mar 31 2021 

The buy one get one sale does not apply here. All earring pairs are $10 Each. I’ve given a letter designation to each pair – you can you can email me what you want -EMAIL IS No shipping in the US – outside the country we need to figure out shipping.

a. gold filled earrings – gold filled wire


b. gardeners earrings

c. lampwork sterling silver ear wires

d. lampwork earrings blue/green


Earring pairs – $10 each

4 earring pairs – you can choose 1 or more than 1 pair – send me an email and we will figure out how to use paypal. If you are outside the US, we need to communicate via email on shipping.


Wild Stallion Medicine bag necklace Tuesday, Mar 30 2021 

Maybe you are more familiar with the term amulet bag. A nice necklace with a long real leather strap. The bag is real leather also. The bag is 3 and 3/4 by 3 and 1/2 inches.


Wild Stallion Medicine bag necklace

Real leather, my horse design. 28 inch leather strap.


The Father Tuesday, Mar 30 2021 

Anthony Hopkins is exceptionally good in this movie based on a theatre play. It is quite cleverly done . The way the characters are shuffled around the audience becomes as confused as the Alzheimer’s patient. I would expect to see an Oscar nomination. The wealth of emotion and intelligence in this portrayal is striking.

Condor Tuesday, Mar 23 2021 

Another series that successfully reconfigures the work in the movie – past. In this case “Six Days of the Condor”. Max Irons is engaging as the lead – He has good genes in his favor. William Hurt adds a touch of class as well as other veteran actors. Good writing, great pace. Action adventure fans – rejoice!

Out of the Wild Tuesday, Mar 23 2021 

A heart warming tale of a recovering alcoholic in the west and a lady love who helps his recovery. Of course there is a villain – who is defeated by our hero. A nice way to spend an afternoon.

Got my 1st covid 19 shot Friday, Mar 12 2021 

It was a non event so far… crossing my fingers and toes. Sore arm and a little tired. I’ll keep you posted.

Penguin Bloom Saturday, Feb 27 2021 

I invariably like Naomi Watt’s work. This is a little gem of a film. And it is based on a true story. Through the love and concern of a bird (repaying the rescue of said bird when very young).a very depressed woman and her children learn to handle all the woe and drawbacks of being wheel- chair bound. And Sam was very active before her accident – an accomplished surfer. Then the mynah bird , Penguin, enters the scene and slowly but surely wins everyone’s hearts. A great film for the kids to watch with you.

Statement Jewelry – ARTWEAR – no shipping in the US – buy 1 get 1 25% off Wednesday, Feb 24 2021 

Several years ago I was a very busy lampworker (= making glass beads with a special torch). Now due to health concerns ( nothing communicable) I’ve had to stop. Hence I have returned to bead weaving where I started. I also used to free- lance graphic design. My husband has uncovered some of my work, of which I am very proud. It was in storage. And now I hope there is someone out there that appreciates my muse. My favorite on this page is the Wood Nymph necklace. The shoes are made by another artist in Southern Oregon, but I don’t recall her name unfortunately.


Wood nymph necklace

Turquoise , ceramic slipper pendants, my lampwork beads (carefully annealed) 22 inch necklace. The lampwork beads are 7/8 inch wide and tall


Man in the Moon Bracelet

The centerpiece bead is made of fimo and I did not do it – I think it is a Cynthia Toops creation. I combined it with coral chips.7 inch bracelet.


Man in the Moon bracelet

7 inch bracelet with coral and a toggle clasp. coral.


3 tier lampwork bracelet

A whole lot of my lampwork pillow beads – also many Swarovski crystals and an Eiffel tower to boot – some turquoise too.


3 tier lampwork , Swarovski crystal bracelet with toggle clasp

7 and 1/4 inches and an Eiffel tower charm. Lampwork pillow beads by moi. Also some turquoise and Swarovski crystal


New Listing! Monday, Feb 22 2021 

The light color is pale green – as usual is prettier in person, Light as a feather earrings. Fringe hang approximately 2 and 1/4 inches. Made with Japanese Delica beads. Sterling silver ear wires.


bead woven earrings with yummy colors

My design – sterling silver ear wires


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