the Courier Monday, Jun 7 2021 

Ah yes, Benedict Cumberbatch at his best. He plays a British salesman who is approached by the CIA and MI5 to be an underground courier during the time of the Cuban missile crisis in the Kennedy administration. At first he doesn’t want to do it – but he eventually relents. He befriends a Russian agent who looks out for him. And the film ends as he returns the favor to the best of his ability. A true story of an exceptionally loyal friendship.

I was in high school at this time and I remember being quite concerned.

Profile Monday, Jun 7 2021 

A British film that really crept up to me slowly but surely. A journalist plays the role of a sexy young woman and develops a relationship with an ISIS terrorist. I guess I should say that I really don’t like films that rely too much on showing a computer screen and a moving cursor and texting. But this film transcends all that. It is amazing to me that this is based on real events. In the middle of the film, it even appears that the journalist has fallen for the young handsome jihadist who even the audience feels is truly in love with her. And it even seems that she may be falling for the terrorist. But one can easily be tricked. It appears seduction on the internet and Skype can result in the young woman being sold as a sex slave. I think anyone who would want to marry or be involved with an enemy of your home country is playing with fire.

Lampwork Bird Pendant Thursday, Jun 3 2021 

Pendant hangs approximately 2 inches and is 1 and 1/8 inches wide. Includes a connecting hook.


Purple bird lampwork pendant

Carefully annealed. In tones of purple and yellow.


American Traitor – the Trial of Axis Sally Sunday, May 30 2021 

It’s nice to see Al Pacino finally get a really good role again. He’s perfect for the role of the lawyer. His final speech is riveting, A period piece – (I guess I am too) – born in the late 1940’s. Sometimes when I think of these times during the war I don’t know how my parents dealt with it. I guess the point of the film is that things aren’t always what they seem – at least not totally. There is always another side to the story. But she does pay a price. And when you think about it – she deserved some penalty for her words..

thank …………you Friday, May 21 2021 

It’s always a nice surprise to see positive comments for both the reviews and jewelry. Don’t be shy, it warms the cockles of my heart. AND I WILL DO THE BUY ONE GET 1 25% OFF. (ONLY DOESN’T APPLY TO $10 EARRINGS). Remember that if you wish to purchase something use the Paypal button and send me an email at I’ll need your name to refund through Paypal your 25% off. A Paypal account is very easy to get.

the woman in the window Sunday, May 16 2021 

Stayed up past my bedtime to watch this thriller. If you like Hitchkock-Rear Window and Psycho -you’ll like this. Amy Adams is great in this – she plays an agoraphobic child psychologist. She is terrified of leaving the house. But she does get visitors. One in particular played by Julianne Moore is central to the story. Julianne creates quite a character in this. ( Never have seen her in this kind of role before – its nice to see actors stretch.) Definitely worth watching.

this is me Monday, May 10 2021 

Someone suggested that maybe I should add a picture of myself . Well, due to the Pandemic- I’ve been cutting my own hair. Yes, I am an older lady.

the Mosquito Coast Friday, May 7 2021 


This series has less adherence to the previous film of the same name. So far anyway .But it is fast moving and a rousing action / adventure story. The acting is quite good -I certainly got involved in the plot. And my experience with offerings by Apple has been very good.

Greenlights Monday, May 3 2021 

I don’t really write book reviews-but this is definitely film related. And I haven’t even finished the book yet. But I must say that I am very impressed with the originality of the work and the deep insights it offers. One can certainly say that Matthew McConaughey has travelled far and wide and learned a great deal from the experience. He is a most fortunate man. Some of his musings even reach the level of poetry.

It is a very personal sharing. Beauty is depth.

One of the more surprising memories are his musings about a visit to a monastery and how he bared his soul to a Christian brother.


Mare 0f Easttown Saturday, May 1 2021 


A different sort of role for Kate Winslet -a gritty , no nonsense cop. This offering is low key and almost too true to life. She is a divorcee with a lot on her mind, as her ex plans another wedding. And then a dead body shows up to complicate matters. And yet she has some budding romantic interest. And past disappearances that have yet to be solved. What’s next?

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