But I’m leaving it up to you. I think my input is a unique

and sometimes humorous look at the entertainment

scene . But I don’t want to turn anybody off. Just realize I

do have to pay WordPress a yearly stipend to keep

this going. and it does take time to do this. I think $2.50 is

a good deal for keeping abreast of new series and

movies. And sometimes a new look at an old classic film.

But I use the word “donation” –

so that those who really can’t afford it don’t have to

do without. If you think this is outrageous

KINDLY TELL ME SO.. These prices are for

the entire family – one subscription for the family.

My email is littlevivvie@outlook.com. Weigh in on this.

subscription for 1 year @$30.00 at $2.50 a month

subscription for 6 months $15.00

subscription for 3 months $7.50