20 inches with turquoise and a deer pendant


$30 turquoise has been rising in price and this is a good grade. Also note the pipestone.

deer pendant turquoise necklace

20 inch necklace – good quality turquoise and pipestone


rustic amazonite necklace with lampwork pendant $29

Rustic amazonite lampwork choker

15 inches, Italian glass pendant – handmade by me


Very colorful bead woven choker 18 inches coral pendant $30

very time consuming bead weaving

Colorful bead woven long choker

Love the colors on this bead woven 18 inch necklace!


Lampwork pendant choker -dainty $24 I really like the pendant on this – its a cross between a sunburst and a flower. My lampwork bead

Sunburst/flower choker

15 inch choker