What a thrilling night! Great, great music, many tunes I haven’t heard before. I guess if you really want to get a sense of Mr. Laurie, go to a concert… He’s a very open, warm, welcoming soul that wants to share his love of the music. And the audience loves him, really loves him. That quirky sense of humor – he asked an audience member to start the show.. saying, “You can delay us as long as you want.”

And the music was twice as good as the CD and his voice superb . My read is that he is really pretty laid-back, easy going. The shots of whiskey in the middle for the musicians provided hilarious respite, It was like listening to a friend in a very large living room. Hence one audience member overstepped the bounds, an action I don’t fully understand, but it only lasted a short while, Hugh handled it well. The show went on, without a wrinkle… It was a great night.