I am a religious reader of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum books. Therefore I anxiously awaited this film. The men are very well cast, to my surprise. But the script was somewhat rewritten if my memory is correct…… Sherry Shepherd is absolutely perfect as Lula…. bravo!  Katherine Heigl’s Stephanie is good… but missing some of the humor and ditziness of the character and therein a lot of the humor lies… she is a little too smart. Debbie Reynolds is an interesting choice for Grandma Mazur (an absolutely hilarious character). She is missing some ditz too. The chicken bit was funny, but there were no trips to the funeral home for her main source of entertainment – the cookies and the friends who come for a viewing….. I’m sure that was in the first book. It was good but could have been funnier.  – Janet’s writing is over the top, this film didn’t go far enough.