2 good evenings of entertainment. Tom Hanks gives us all the perspective that life does not end after losing a job even if you didn’t go to college…. its never too late to go to school and learn a lot. An older student has some advantages in the world of hard knocks. You can make good contacts in school. A hopeful film.

Sarah Jessica Parker is quite good as the lady who does it all- motherhood, very demanding job and faithful (refreshing) wife. I say refreshing since many movies including Larry Crowne have some infidelity. It’s justified in some cases, but not every case. A positive look at modern women’s dilemmas.

Side note….. Just caught a glimpse of someone on TV I went to school with (he was ahead of me) at the University of Minnesota Theatre Dept. Peter Michael Goetz. Wherever you are, hope you are working, your family is well and it’s always a kick to see you on the tube.