the Mosquito Coast Friday, May 7 2021 


This series has less adherence to the previous film of the same name. So far anyway .But it is fast moving and a rousing action / adventure story. The acting is quite good -I certainly got involved in the plot. And my experience with offerings by Apple has been very good.

Greenlights Monday, May 3 2021 

I don’t really write book reviews-but this is definitely film related. And I haven’t even finished the book yet. But I must say that I am very impressed with the originality of the work and the deep insights it offers. One can certainly say that Matthew McConaughey has travelled far and wide and learned a great deal from the experience. He is a most fortunate man. Some of his musings even reach the level of poetry.

It is a very personal sharing. Beauty is depth.

One of the more surprising memories are his musings about a visit to a monastery and how he bared his soul to a Christian brother.


Mare 0f Easttown Saturday, May 1 2021 


A different sort of role for Kate Winslet -a gritty , no nonsense cop. This offering is low key and almost too true to life. She is a divorcee with a lot on her mind, as her ex plans another wedding. And then a dead body shows up to complicate matters. And yet she has some budding romantic interest. And past disappearances that have yet to be solved. What’s next?

discover your inner gypsy… Wednesday, Apr 28 2021 

Yes they don’t match… that’s on purpose… the designs are the same. It’s been done before. The design however is MINE. I’m looking for a special buyer… dramatic, sexy, who can carry it off. The gold delica beads have real gold in them. Definitely a conversation piece. Sterling silver ear wires. Earrings hang 3 inches..

Gypsy statement bead woven earrings

Hang 3 inches – same design different colors.


I’ve successfully been vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine Tuesday, Apr 27 2021 

And it is 3 weeks after the shots -I’ve never been exposed to Covid either – We’ve been very careful.

2 Distant Strangers Sunday, Apr 18 2021 

This is a fresh look at a problem that has been with us for way too long a time. Borrowing from an old favorite “Groundhog Day”- a very engaging young black youth starts his day over and over. A short film – 30 some minutes -good writing- fine acting- fresh- a very thoughtful look at what is unfortunately current events. BLACK LIVES MATTER !

Too Close Sunday, Apr 18 2021 

A young mother does an unspeakable act and appears to have no memory of it. Emily Watson plays a forensic psychiatrist who is asked to evaluate her. There is a strange bond between the two, some similarities. What caused the crack in the patient’s psyche? What is the nature of the bond between them? Can Emily’s character help the young mother or is this a hopeless case? Well, tune in to find out. The first installment is promising.

Land Saturday, Apr 10 2021 

An outstanding directorial and acting effort by Robin Wright. A big change in role from the First Lady in House of Cards. After a personal tragedy , a middle aged woman decides to purchase a cabin in the wilderness. She finds she is not really prepared for the demands of dealing with animals ( a bear who interrupts a trip to the outdoor privy) and the loneliness and privations of winter which is longer in the mountains. During the winter she is rescued by a man well versed in survival in the mountains. He brings a nurse in to help her regain her strength. But this really isn’t about romance. They have similar tragedies to deal with. It is a truly sincere and deep friendship that heals both of them. I really recommend this film.

Mothers Day Earring Sale Wednesday, Mar 31 2021 

The buy one get one sale does not apply here. All earring pairs are $10 Each. I’ve given a letter designation to each pair – you can you can email me what you want -EMAIL IS No shipping in the US – outside the country we need to figure out shipping.

a. gold filled earrings – gold filled wire


b. gardeners earrings

c. lampwork sterling silver ear wires

d. lampwork earrings blue/green


Earring pairs – $10 each

4 earring pairs – you can choose 1 or more than 1 pair – send me an email and we will figure out how to use paypal. If you are outside the US, we need to communicate via email on shipping.


Wild Stallion Medicine bag necklace Tuesday, Mar 30 2021 

Maybe you are more familiar with the term amulet bag. A nice necklace with a long real leather strap. The bag is real leather also. The bag is 3 and 3/4 by 3 and 1/2 inches.


Wild Stallion Medicine bag necklace

Real leather, my horse design. 28 inch leather strap.


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