More clearance jewelry…………. $30 or under Friday, Jul 30 2021 

20 inches with turquoise and a deer pendant


$30 turquoise has been rising in price and this is a good grade. Also note the pipestone.

deer pendant turquoise necklace

20 inch necklace – good quality turquoise and pipestone


rustic amazonite necklace with lampwork pendant $29

Rustic amazonite lampwork choker

15 inches, Italian glass pendant – handmade by me


Very colorful bead woven choker 18 inches coral pendant $30

very time consuming bead weaving

Colorful bead woven long choker

Love the colors on this bead woven 18 inch necklace!


Lampwork pendant choker -dainty $24 I really like the pendant on this – its a cross between a sunburst and a flower. My lampwork bead

Sunburst/flower choker

15 inch choker


More clearance items-none over $30 Thursday, Jul 29 2021 

beautiful red brown bracelet – 7 inches without the toggle – should fit most

With reduction frit and other red brown glasses and pipestone


red brown bracelet

toggle clasp – pipestone 7 inches


4 angel pendants 2 with sterling silver chains $30

4 angel pendants – lampwork

4 lampwork angel pendants 1 to 1 and1/2 inches tall – a gift for a young lady? $30 for all 4


coral necklace with lampwork hearts

20 inch necklace $28

coral necklace

20 inches of really red.


Pig Friday, Jul 23 2021 

A lonely old hermit has taught his pet pot bellied pig to hunt out truffles in the forests of the Pacific Northwest.. This is a valuable skill and someone steals the man’s pig. This was the hermit’s only source of income. This film is shot in Portland, Oregon where I happen to live. Quite an unusual role for Nicholas Cage -he is very introverted and is obviously depressed by something that occurred in his past. The film slowly reveals the past life this man has had. There were times when I wished this character would wash his hair or take a shower. But none the less this is a tour de force for Nicholas Cage as an actor.

The Duke Monday, Jul 19 2021 

Jim Broadbent and Helen Mirren are outstanding in well drawn character roles in this laugh out loud comedy. The courtroom scene is classic. Tiiming is everything in comedy and it shines here. The story is about a heist of a valuable painting or was it just borrowed? A great way to lighten up a Sunday afternoon.

Clearance Sale Necklaces Sunday, Jul 18 2021 

20 inch ocean jasper necklace with lampwork $28.00

lampwork orchid pendant necklace with amethyst and coral $25 16 inch strap
19 inch pottery shard pendant necklace with lampwork and jade $30

ocean jasper necklace

20 inch strap


orchid necklace 16 inch strap

lampwork orchid pendant


pottery shard pendant necklace

lampwork, jade, 19 inches


clearance sale -earrings Friday, Jul 16 2021 

left to right top to bottom- abcd

Only available to USA residents.. Email me at Other price reductions do not apply.. No shipping .

These are lampwork earrings – hand made and annealed by me. Sterling silver wires and Italian glass. Every pair is only $12. Pay with Paypal.

Lampwork earrings

Sterling silver and my lampwork made of Italian glass. Some Swarovski crystals.


Clearance Sale Items Friday, Jul 16 2021 

To purchase select the paypal button and pay thru them. Also send me an e mail Sale is only for residents in the United States. At the present time Europe has made it more complicated to sell outside the US. No extra shipping charge. Each item is numbered. Comments are welcome. All of the bracelets are $20.

above strong#1 right top #8
on the left top 5- on the left middle 6 – on the left bottom 7

Clearance bracelets

Be sure to measure your wrist and indicate what number – lampwork beads and semi precious stones.


The Garden of Evening Mists Friday, Jul 9 2021 

A young Mayasian girl who suffered under the occupation by Japan in World War II seeks out a Japanese garden designer after the war. He refuses to design the garden himself , but makes her an apprentice to learn how she can design the garden. This involves hard manual labor – but she agrees. (This gardener is quite something- very attractive ) but not warm and cuddly. But of course there is an attraction. She is also in search of the grave of her sister. It’s a compelling love story told very simply and carefully. Definitely time well spent.

Jappeloup Saturday, Jul 3 2021 

I’m really into horse films it seems. And this one does not disappoint. A true story of the French horse who won the gold medal in the Olympics. Hard won win. Seeing a horse jump is poetry in motion. And after all that flying over hurdles – there is a water impediment to conquer too. Life wasn’t always easy for Jappeloup – he gets a disease (not fatal )that prevents him from being sold – and at one point his horse trailer catches on fire. But all’s well that ends well. Good watching for kids and adults as well. Size does not matter – Jappeloup is a smaller horse with a big heart.

Dream Horse Wednesday, Jun 16 2021 

I love horses and yes, I have have rode some in Colorado at a dude ranch. – so this movie really appealed to me. Toni Collette is great as the mind behind the scheme to make some extra cash and excitement to her and her friend’s lives. Of course there would be setbacks – the horse they end up with lost his mother at his birth and some other things happen later on – but he bounces back. All I can say is the Welsh horses have a real tough time of it – not only do they need to be fast – but nimble too – they must also jump over hurdles as well!

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