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3 thousand years of LONGING Friday, Feb 24 2023 

I’m a sucker for a good love story and a dyed in the wool fan of Idris Elba. He plays his part with masculine strength and a very protective demeanor. I remember him in Luther. His foil is Tilda Swinton – an academic smart enough to be the lady of this magical purveyor of 3 wishes. I wish he would visit me. I’ve got more than 3 wishes! Suitable for imaginative adults and children. And anyone who knows me – would not call me a fan of fantasy – but this show won me over.

Empire of Light Friday, Feb 10 2023 

Sam Mendes is just one of those directors who’s work you just have to see . The film centers around 2 ever present groups which get short shrift in our society – mental illness and racial discrimination 2-3 very notable performances in this. Micheal Ward is the picture perfect incarnation of a black Frank Sinatra – one of the best performances in my memory by Olivia Colman -and the unfaithful husband played by Colin Firth.

Breaking Saturday, Feb 4 2023 

This is a very well-crafted film. The lead actor is quite eloquent when he does his dramatic kidnaping of a Wells Fargo bank. He really isn’t a hardened criminal . He happens to have served his country as a marine. Its a really sad comment for our times that black people are so overly preyed upon by the police. The only person who really understood what this marine was going through for his $800 some dollars was a black negotiator. There’s a lot of anger that needs to be dealt with and released carefully.

Shrinking Wednesday, Feb 1 2023 

This is one of those series that is really based on an original idea and is flawlesly acted, that you hope lasts a good long time. Its refreshing when the shrink tells the patient to do what is obvious to him but not known to the patient – and goes out into the real world with them. Maybe he (the shrink) is purging himself of deep sorrow in this way. He’s just fed up with everything! I really like psychological dramas. But this one is so unique and healthy- taking a pot shot at the profession – I welcome the humorous look at it. Like Hugh Laurie’s “House” it sheds new light on the foibles of health care. May this show have a long run. And to Harrison Ford – Boy, you have been busy – I’ve missed seeing you – in 2 very different roles!

The Man from Reno Sunday, Jan 29 2023 

This is a very interesting film . With so many Japanese actors one would expect the director to be also – but he’s not . This director is also not very prolific. I think he has made a total of 5 or so films. but I must say the end result is very engaging. The female lead in her own quiet way dominates the film. Her male lover seems to shape shift into a number of people. She writes mystery novels and now finds herself living one. The tone is somewhat subdued but it definitely is not boring.

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1923 Sunday, Jan 15 2023 

Anything that is exceptional on the tube these days seems to be coming from the pen of Taylor Sheridan . And he just keeps on getting better! This project with the formidable talents of Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren is NOT TO BE MISSED. I even didn’t mind the trips to Africa – a sort of act of homage to the work of Sydney Pollack and Robert Redford. The story isn’t the same, but there is the same sort of feeling and ambience. I can’t wait for the next installment.

Fleishman is in Trouble Friday, Dec 23 2022 

I guess I am sort of old fashioned – give me a good interesting story line and recognizable characters and situations and I’m happy. I’m not interested in going to the planet Zog with strange creatures. I really enjoy stories like this where I can recognize the characters and the situations. I also like learning about HUMAN nature from what I see – and not the latest version of what the year 2050 will look like. But I also realize that there are gender preferences in films and I’m dissing the opposite point of view. Forgive me guys and kids – – This is a rather penetrating look at marriage and the role of women in that institution. And also the role of husbands. Definitely worth your time

the Recruit Wednesday, Dec 21 2022 

This one is a winner! Even though just a new hire – this young guy gets himself into difficult situations but somehow manages to get out of trouble with a clear head. He thinks great on his feet. There is an undercurrent of humor – which I welcome – many of these series take themselves way too seriously. The characters are extremely well drawn. If we can believe this series the powers that be at the CIA are as silly and addle brained as the rest of us. His boss is quite a character, but he does listen to reason. Also the secretary who appears to run her office and keep her social calendar buzzing. I recommend you give this series some of your time.

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