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STILL Sunday, May 21 2023 

Bravo Michael J. Fox! This is a non- sentimental exploration of Michael’s pretty exciting career and his courageous battle with Parkinsons Disease. And I must say by all accounts he is doing quite well for someone diagnosed some 30 odd years ago. It also is apparent that there is great support by a wonderful wife and children whose love and non- sentimental caring he benefits from. Nobody in this family over-reacts and I know Michael appreciates that. I’m mad at myself for forgetting his great wit and comic timing. And it is just another plus for his spunk and resilience that he decided to be most active and”out- there” in this battle. /

Saturday, May 13 2023 

Queen Charlotte – a Bridgerton Story

This is one of the VERY BEST OFFERINGS this spring. Shonda Rhimes has outdone herself with this one!

Top notch acting – and I must say as an aside- how do the actresses balance what looks to me as huge and unbelievably top-heavy headdresses. Just walking across a room looks like a challenge. And the love story is spot on. I fell in love with this king ! And though he sems to have emotional problems – the king has no problems in the bedroom! Unfortunately he was a man uneasy with his time. And in a lot of ways I must say that this is a pretty accurate depiction of life in this highly mannered society. Bravo Shonda!

You outdid yourself. I am a sucker for a really heartfelt love story!

The Diplomat Saturday, Apr 29 2023 

This is the best thing I’ve seen Keri Russel do. She is AMAZING in the role. This is very fast paced and the banter is fast and furious. Strong writing, believable characterizations with a little wit thrown in.

Rufus is wonderful as usual ( I still can’t forget Lord M in Victoria ) I should have also said – it’s not just the words – there’s also some knock down drag out physical fighting. As a counterpoint there is also a lot of subtlety – delivered by 2 very accomplished black actors.

I would say to the Diplomat – be thankful for your husband – he is a great sounding board. He can be very supportive in difficult times. He has a good head on his shoulders.

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The Power Saturday, Apr 22 2023 

It seems like this series might be a metaphor for a movement that may be afoot on women’s rights.

It’s highly unlikely that women are going to be exhibiting electrical impulses through their hands. But if

we want to see parallels in our present day- the recent decision by the Supreme Court regarding “the Day

After Pill” to remain available is a step in the right direction. The series does a very good job of showing

how women are preyed upon unfairly. Men are being put in the position of having to listen and give some

credence to female sensitivities. Although I do admit if women get carried away with their POWER the

same way that some men have – that can be just as bad. What do you think?

THE WHALE Thursday, Apr 13 2023 

Brendan Frasier certainly deserves his Academy Award. He plays the pivotal role of a gay – but nonetheless father, of a troubled teen daughter .- Although to many of us the central role of the whale-like professor is unsightly- he offers very insightful teaching over zoom . The main current of the play – yes,it started out as a play – is a troubled relationship with his daughter and some insightful parallels to Herman Melville’s Moby Dick. I guess some people would find this depressing – but the insights make it less so. And Brendan Frasier adds a tone of sensitivity to a somewhat unsympathetic role.

John Wick Chapter 4 Tuesday, Mar 28 2023 

This is a visual masterpiece. Some of the set pieces are very detailed and dare I say mystical.

I’m really not a great fan of this style of work – but I will say that it is definitely work of a very high order. I don’t think anyone does it better. A deep and dark atmosphere was captured as well as Wick driving around the Eiffel tower.

The martial arts and the varied backgrounds figure prominently. I hope I can be forgiven for saying this is a “guy” film.

But I’m sure women can enjoy it too.

I’m a visual person and enjoyed the color and majesty in this film.

3 thousand years of LONGING Friday, Feb 24 2023 

I’m a sucker for a good love story and a dyed in the wool fan of Idris Elba. He plays his part with masculine strength and a very protective demeanor. I remember him in Luther. His foil is Tilda Swinton – an academic smart enough to be the lady of this magical purveyor of 3 wishes. I wish he would visit me. I’ve got more than 3 wishes! Suitable for imaginative adults and children. And anyone who knows me – would not call me a fan of fantasy – but this show won me over.

Empire of Light Friday, Feb 10 2023 

Sam Mendes is just one of those directors who’s work you just have to see . The film centers around 2 ever present groups which get short shrift in our society – mental illness and racial discrimination 2-3 very notable performances in this. Micheal Ward is the picture perfect incarnation of a black Frank Sinatra – one of the best performances in my memory by Olivia Colman -and the unfaithful husband played by Colin Firth.

Breaking Saturday, Feb 4 2023 

This is a very well-crafted film. The lead actor is quite eloquent when he does his dramatic kidnaping of a Wells Fargo bank. He really isn’t a hardened criminal . He happens to have served his country as a marine. Its a really sad comment for our times that black people are so overly preyed upon by the police. The only person who really understood what this marine was going through for his $800 some dollars was a black negotiator. There’s a lot of anger that needs to be dealt with and released carefully.

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